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Lucinda - Yoga In Penryn

Lucinda is an Anusara Inspired yoga teacher, based in Penryn, near Falmouth. Weekly yoga classes catering for all levels are available locally, as well as pregnancy yoga, weekend retreats and workshops in Cornwall.

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One Day Workshop for Women

March 6, 2016
9.30-5.00 Roselidden Barn, Helston
£60 early bird (until end of January) then £70

A woman's body is cyclical - in tune with nature, her energies change throughout the month, mirroring the 4 seasons of the year. In this workshop, we will explore these changing energies, how each stage is an opportunity to receive feedback about our self care, creativity, sexuality and ulitmately our own unique calling.

Join Lucinda and Mandy for a delicious day of yoga, pranayama and enquiry at Roselidden Barn, Helston.

Suitable for women of all ages from menarche to post menopause, with no prior experience of yoga necessary.



Roselidden Barn



When you begin to practice yoga regularly, you have taken a very important step towards positive living. Not only does it improve strength and flexibility of the physical body, but we can begin to feel more centred and balanced.

Everyday modern living prevents us from using the body as nature intended. The yoga poses help us to change postural habits of a lifetime which, if ignored, create stress and imbalance. By stretching and strengthening the body, yoga provides an opportunity to regain comfort, innocence and freedom.

Yoga can help to ease physical ailments, by:

  • protecting the back and vulnerable joints
  • regulating organs and glands
  • improving posture

At the same time, practice of yoga increases:

  • relaxation
  • peace of mind
  • inner awareness

As we learn to still the mind, we can begin to know the self, which in turn helps us to both nurture body and soul more effectively and to achieve our innermost desires.